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- Yvette McDowell -

Municipal Cannabis Consultant

consultant in cannabis law focused on social equity & serving municipal governments


Yvette McDowell

Yvette McDowell is an experienced lawyer with 30 years of municipal government experience.

She provides consultation to city and county municipal governments on proposed regulation directly relating to the cannabis industry, as well as the creation and correct implementation of social equity plans.

Her work as a consultant is to educate those in power and make sure that regulation is tolerant in it’s impact and is inclusive of the entire community through social equity. She believes that while regulation should be followed, it should also not be overly burdensome. Balance can be found in education and communication.


Boards & Associations

Yvette McDowell is a CCIA Board of Director

National Cannabis Attorney Association •National Cannabis Industry Association • California Cannabis Industry Association •California District Attorneys Association • Law Enforcement Action Partnership • California Peace Officers Association • Women Leaders in Law Enforcement • California Public Employee Labor Relations Association • Minority Cannabis Business Association


Equal Justice Under Cannabis Law For All


"Bold and resilient. Yvette McDowell demonstrates a leadership style that fosters communication and understanding." 

- Tamika Farr

MBA Executive Director


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“Throughout the years of working with Yvette, she has progressed from being a professional service provider to a trusted colleague.

She knows her stuff well, and seeks only to provide the best to our employees.”